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It’s been a busy, up-and-down kind of week. One where I struggled with fluctuating emotion and energy levels but thankfully got through to the end and a really refreshing weekend. Some highlights of the week:

  • Salt came back from the printer’s this week, and we did a major mailout to over 4000 supporters. I was going to take a photo of all the boxes of envelopes, but really it isn’t anything that needs to be immortalised. If you’re an AFES supporter you should receive a copy of Salt and a 2009 wallplanner soon (designed by me!). If you’re not a supporter and want a copy of either, let me know and I’ll hook you up.
  • I managed to get up at 6am on Wednesday for the second week in a row to go to pilates. Although it is counter-intuitive to my night-owl ways, I actually find it easier to make time for exercise in the morning than the afternoon. And it gives me a good energy/endorphin boost for the rest of the day. This coming week I’m going to try adding another class (pump, which I’ve never done before and is apparently all about weights) in the effort to trick myself into developing an exercise routine.
  • On Thursday Karen and I went to Carriageworks to see the Sydney Dance Company. It’s a fantastic space – I think in an earlier incarnation it was where I saw an excellent ATYP production of Henry V complete with live horses and mud filled battlefield – and set me to dreaming of hosting a steampunk ball there. If only I knew more than two other people who thought steampunk was cool, it might actually be a possibility…

    Anyway, K had managed to get $20 tickets to 360°. I knew nothing about it, and after seeing it I think I’d still have trouble describing it to you. It was dark, fluid, a little disturbing at times and made great use of two gigantic mirrored panels running at angles across the stage. It was fascinating, sure, and the dancers are incredibly talented. But I spent most of it fighting the urge to scream at two of the female dancers “EAT SOMETHING!” Talented, but way too thin. So that kind of distracted me too much throughout.

    I actually much preferred the 20 minute show that played in the lobby beforehand, called Love Instalment. It’s part of what the SDC is calling its ‘overture series’, giving up and coming choreographers a chance to display their talents. There were five boxing rings set up throughout the foyer, each with a couple of dancers inside. They all danced independent sequences simultaneously to the sparse but driving musical accompaniment of violinist Nick Wales and drummer Bree van Reykand, and then occasionally the choreography would come together and all five stages would be working together to create a whole. I also liked standing on the ground and looking up at the performance, and thought the whole thing worked really well.

    It was also just great to hang out with K, eat a delicious dinner at Urban Bites and to do something out of the ordinary.

  • Yesterday mum gave me back the study. I’ve been experimenting with different spaces through the house to work in but haven’t been comfortable in any of them. Mum said I could use the study and she was happy to have her computer in her room. So I spent yesterday moving things around, tidying up and making a comfortable space. I love doing that, it makes me feel like I have a bit of control when things are hard to cope with in other spheres of my life.
  • Today has been one of those wonderful gifts of a Sunday, quiet and sunny, with time to do my washing and sit in the sun and play the piano. And now I’m off to a music meeting at church where we’re going to talk about why we do music ministry, and we’ll also play through some new songs.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday too!