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Scout doesn’t really understand how the sun works. She knows that a sunbeam is warm and good to lie in, but she doesn’t understand why it isn’t where she wants it all the time. She will reach up and claw at it on the wall, as if she could bring it down to her level. Or she will sit and stare determinedly at the sunbeam until it moves across the room to where she normally sleeps, and then curl up in it, satisfied with her good hour’s work.

I think, sometimes, that’s how I view contentment. I get frustrated and try and Make It Happen by doing things or forcing things or buying things or whatever. But if I believe (and I do) that true contentment comes from God, then it isn’t something to be forced or bought. It kind of creeps up and infuses you when you aren’t expecting it. The only thing you can do to bring it on (and it’s actually kind of an absence of doing really) is be still and know that God is God. He does the rest.

I wish I could remember that when things are darkest.