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I’m at home today, not too well. Turned on the TV and have become transfixed by the stupidity of the tech segment on 9am with David and Kim on Channel 10. The two hosts present a gormless, ‘I have no idea about anything’ front – “I want to talk about VOIP…what is it?” “Google Maps Street View…why…what is it? Why would I want to use it?” It’s a disingenuous way of conducting an interview to make it sound like a casual chat, but it’s just irritating. The thing that bothers me is there are people out there who would tune into this show every day, who would be going “If David and Kim are talking about it, I must investigate this VOIP thing…phone calls on the internet! Gosh!”

I’m sorry, I’m sick, so I can’t disguise my snobbery.