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I just have one question. How much money did the Catholic Church give to the NSW Government and the City of Sydney to get permission to take over Sydney?

There are many things that bother me about World Youth Day (‘day’? Ha!), including:

  • There are around 300 road closures at various times over the six days, including chunks of George Street in the city and Anzac Parade in the Eastern Suburbs (which are two major public transport routes). The events and road closures are also blocking access to two major Sydney hospitals (Sydney Hospital and Prince of Wales);
  • The CBD and Darling Harbour are majorly disrupted for the pre-WYD events, with the procession of the cross and icon from the Harbour to Central today, and a mass for 150,000 at Darling Harbour tomorrow night (this, of course, happens to be when I’ll be in the city for a concert at the City Recital Hall, and researching how I am going to get home is what started this rant off in the first place);
  • Randwick Racecourse and the area within a 2km radius are almost a complete no-go area for the whole of this weekend (my mother’s church in Kensington (just near the racecourse) isn’t able to have a service in their church this Sunday because the parishioners won’t be able to park anywhere near the church);
  • The whole Pope-worship thing really bothers me (“‘…He’s like Jesus Christ on Earth,’ said Liba Vazquez, 17. It was worth waiting two hours in the cold for a glimpse of the Pope, she said.” (SMH) No. He is not like Jesus Christ.). And they’re projecting images of Benedict on the Harbour Bridge, which is just creepy all round;
  • And the thing that bugs me most? That people think that this has anything to do with Christianity. Trust me, it doesn’t (I’ve been told by a reliable source that I’m starting to sound like a Reformer – it’s like history come to life in a really annoying way!).

I might actually say something helpful in the next few days about all this, but don’t hold your breath.