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So I went to the friendly neurologist this morning. He looked at my scans, then whipped through a whole bunch of motor skill and stimulus tests and then smiled and said, “Well as expected, there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Basically the mark on my scans is what he called a UBO (Unidentified Bright Object). Other people with headache symptoms have had similar marks, but because “nobody’s died from it” they haven’t cut a brain open to see what these UBOs actually are. And apparently mine is so small it’s nothing worth worrying about anyway (the UBO, not my brain).

So that’s a relief that I don’t have a tumour, or multiple sclerosis, or anything sinister. But it still doesn’t help me out with the headaches.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep last night, but I was feeling a bit fragile afterwards. So I went and had a morning coffee at Berkelouw’s and bought some cards and wandered slowly through the grey drizzle back to work. We had Thai for lunch at work. And all I really want to do is nap now.