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So it’s finally happened! Mark and I have made the looong trek down one flight of stairs to our new offices (the way the rest of the office has been reacting it’s like we’ve moved an hour’s drive away, but we’re still in the same building). The space has been divided into five large offices, and we have the two biggest. The other offices are still empty at the moment, so it’s a little surreal to wander through this brand new and completely blank suite of rooms. But gradually we are making them our own; our books are out, the Salt display wall is up and someday soon I’ll be bringing my dad’s couch in from my garage so we have somewhere comfy to have meetings.

I’m already happier to be at work. Amazing the influence your environment can have on you. Well not really – going from having a desk in an open space where I could hear everyone in the office’s conversations no matter how quietly they tried to talk, to a large room that I can shut the door on…I’d be worried if it didn’t make me more productive. It’s luxury, I tell ya!