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So I’ve pretty much settled into my new office downstairs. There’s so much space, it’s almost the exact opposite to what I had upstairs. This week Mark’s on holidays and the other tenants haven’t quite moved in yet, so I have this absolutely massive space all to myself. It’s so much easier to concentrate, to just focus on a task until it’s finished and get a lot of little bitsy things done. We’re still working on keeping the communication flowing freely between the two offices and maintaining relationships. It’s good, I guess – ducking upstairs every couple of hours to say hi is a tiny bit of exercise I wouldn’t otherwise get!

The weekend seems so far away now, though. On Saturday I went to Word By Word (the Christian writing group), and Karen and I did a test run of our seminar on Writers and Editors that we’ll be presenting at the Faithful Writer in a few weeks’ time. I had been having a bit of a meltdown about my writing and abilities and just life generally, though, and hadn’t been able to wrap my brain around it at all. Thankfully Karen was way more organised than me, had even printed me session notes, and we managed to get through it quite well. I had a little cry in the stairwell and then had to nap during writing time because I was just exhausted. But I needed Karen to say “I think you’re burned out and shouldn’t write today,” for me to go ‘hey I think I’m burned out and shouldn’t write today’. Funny how we don’t let ourselves off the hook sometimes, but seem to need others to tell us it’s okay. Thank God for wonderful friends who know what it feels like and keep an eye on me!

I played Wii at Guan and Mary’s for a while, and then went to Bondi Junction with mum to buy a computer game to distract me. I couldn’t find Civ IV and ended up buying…er…the Sims Life Stories instead. It’s a very pointless game. But it’s kind of fun to just muck around, dressing up characters, building them houses, and seeing the Sims interact with one another. Though having played it for a little bit now, I’m kind of disturbed by the emphasis on physical relationships that didn’t used to be there. And of course, there is no spiritual dimension to these Sims. I don’t think that even occurred to me years ago when I used to play the Sims 1.

(Jen doesn’t understand how I can enjoy such a game – I think she ranted once about how the Sims didn’t do what you told them to, which is a little too much like real life for her liking – but there is something in it that allows me to detach myself from my rambling brain, I don’t have to do or achieve anything. It’s kind of like a computer version of playing around in the sandpit.)

Sunday was quiet and restful. I did several loads of washing, planted my desiree potatoes in the raised bed I made for them (happy potatoes!), and played with the cat in the sun. Mum and I went out in the late afternoon to buy her an electric blanket, and just twenty minutes in the Supacenta at Moore Park was enough to make me feel miserable again. That place just gets me down.

I headed off to Unichurch at 6.30 to hear Guan preach his first sermon, on the end of 1 John. It was a really good sermon, with lots of jokes that I wasn’t the only one laughing at (mum and I have earned ourselves a reputation as a ‘good audience’ because we’ll laugh at any joke in a sermon, no matter how lame (though yours weren’t lame, G)), and good, solid challenges and encouragements.

Then home again, home again, jiggity jig and the weekend had evaporated, just like that.