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My, but weekends go by so quickly.

Saturday morning I had breakfast at Mickey’s in Paddington. It was a delicious stack of pancakes with stewed rhubarb and apple. Karen joined me and then we went to see the Phantasia show at the Australian Centre for Photography. It’s just a small show but really good (from the promo blurb: “Vivid, complex and magical, the works in this exhibition abandon the traditional realm of the photographic – the real world – to conjure images of the fantastical”). To the left is one of my favourite images, from Alexia Sinclair’s series, Regal Twelve. The exhibition is on until next Saturday June 7; if you’re in the area it’s well worth checking out.

Then we drove down to Wollongong, chatting about notions of creativity and listening to music. Ben B met us down there and we all had lunch at Ben and Stacie’s. As well as catching up with them, we were there to meet their five-week-old son, Eli. He was very sweet, even though he was unsettled with some digestive problems. It was so good to see them. Ben P played his new album for us too, of metal-influenced Christian kids’ rock – it was awesome.

I drove home on my own and sang at the top of my lungs, always a good thing to do when you have the opportunity. Mum and I had a delicious, nourishing stew for dinner and finished Gilmore Girls season 7.

I slept til about 12.00 today. I had planned to get up and go to Customs House to write, or even just get in the garden and do a few things, but I just was wiped out and still melancholy so let myself sleep. The cat came and kept me company, which is always nice. I had some errandy things to do, after which mum took me to the city for yum cha and I ended up buying some clothes and boots, which was unexpected (can never find good clothes or shoes when I am purposely looking for them, but if I have no particular plans I will often make some good finds). I also bought Shaun Tan‘s new book ‘tales from outer suburbia’ and although I’ve only read a little bit, it’s typically beautiful and whimsical (the guy who sold it to me at Dymocks barely looked at me until he noticed what I was buying, then we had a collective moment of gushing over Tan’s work and how there needs to be more whimsy in the world. He gave me a genuinely warm smile when he handed the book back to me).

Church tonight was good too, and I actually stuck around for dinner afterwards, something I’ve been meaning to do more regularly. I tend to just scurry away after church, usually because I’m tired and need to get home. But Karen’s started coming to Wild St, and as dinner was in the church hall, it was easy just to hang around and continue chatting over yummy pasta and garlic bread.

And now the weekend’s almost over. Again. It’s never long enough.