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Just a respite from all my doom and gloominess, a question for you: in school zones, when there is a lollipop man/woman helping the children cross the road, are they also supposed to help adults cross the road? I wonder if the lollipop man outside the French school near my house is just susceptible to the good looking and charming parents dropping their kids off; I seem to have to stop while he ushers adults across the road more often than children.

The other thing I notice about parents dropping kids off at school is that they seem to forget all the laws of the road. People pull out of parking spots and block the peak-hour traffic going both ways while they do a three-point-turn without waiting to see if anyone stops. They just stop in the middle of the road. They expect you to give way to them even when you have right of way.

Maybe I’m just crankier in the mornings.