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I love things like this – Wordle is amazing (thanks Doug!). You just dump a bunch of text into the site and it generates a beautiful word cloud. You can adjust the colours, direction of words, fonts, number of words it displays. And it seems to be able to handle a lot of text very easily (it managed my 53,000 Undragon words with nary a hiccup). I find this fascinating because you can see what words you use the most, and maybe what sort of themes are coming out in the bit of writing. And it’s pretty. They’re like fingerprints.

So here is my novel in word cloud form (using 400 word clumps…that might be too many for this exercise, but…it’s still pretty).

The Jasmine bits:

The Daniel bits:

The whole shebang:

Click on the pics for a closer look. I guess I must use the word ‘don’t’ a lot.