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Well what a turnaround from my flight over to Europe. I was down the back of the plane, in the middle, once more expecting to be jammed in. But as the flight started to fill up, the rows around me remained sparsely populated. I didn’t even want to hope that I might have a spare seat next to me so I tried not to think about it. Then the doors were closed, I looked up from my magazine, and realised I had the entire row to myself! After ‘dinner’ (which was…actually I don’t know what it was…I usually don’t mind the inflight catering, but this was pretty ordinary) I put up all the armrests, gathered my four pillows and stretched out. I slept for nine hours of the twelve hour flight, which I think was pretty amazing!

On arriving at Changi I got a text from dad saying he couldn’t pick me up but to head straight to the hotel. I got a taxi with no problems and had a very friendly and chatty taxi driver. Example of conversation:

Driver: (as we approach a large electronic toll sign with ERP written on it) You know what is E-R-P?
Me: No. Tell me.
Driver: Every-Road-Pays. (laughs uproariously)
Me: (encouraging this terrible dad joke) That’s great.
Driver: (suddenly concerned) That’s not really what it stands for.
Me: I know, but I think your version’s better.
Driver: (beams)

We arrived at the Pan Pacific Hotel, I checked in and zoomed up to the 16th floor where I was greeted by dad and shown my room. Ah, but the Asians do top-end luxury well. Everything is grand and opulent. The bed was absolutely huge. The shower – oh! the shower! – was like having a massage. It was all extremely comfortable and grand. After sloughing off the detritus of the flight, I met up with Dad and his fiancée Janice, and we wandered through to the mall to find some dinner.
I really wanted satay, but for some reason we got Japanese instead. But that wasn’t a bad thing, the food was delicious. For example, what I think looks like the sushi lochness monster (it was very tasty):

It was great to see Dad again, but not long after this the fatigue set in. I was grateful for my enormous bed and my quiet room, although I woke up at 4.30am and was unable to go back to sleep.