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The MRI was uneventful. I had it at the Mater Hospital in North Sydney this time, as they have the smallest Medicare gap of all the MRI thingos. They also play music through noise-cancelling headphones so the banging of the machine isn’t so intense. I couldn’t really hear the music at times, but it was kind of good to have Classic FM to focus on. The staff were very pleasant and friendly, and unlike St Vincent’s I didn’t have to get changed into a hospital gown. So all round it was a much better experience.

I then came home to nap for an hour, then went over to the MacBeaths’ to spend some time with my goddaughter and her family. I tell you, there’s no mood-lifter like trying to read a five year old and a one year old a story, and have them both decide to simultaneously blow raspberries on your stomach. A hilarious time was had by all.

I was then going to go on to Bible study but got a message from Guy saying it had been cancelled. I was quite relieved, as I am a little weary. Ooh…and now I can watch Spicks and Specks!