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Okay so it was worse. Not only was I jammed into the middle of the centre section, but my armrest was broken and all the wires from the entertainment thingy were exposed but because the plane was absolutely chockablock full they couldn’t move me and they kind of conveniently forgot about me. I’ll probably write some sort of letter to Qantas, not that I expect anything from it, but really…an hour’s delay and a crappy seat made a long journey interminable.

But after having a little cry and feeling the headache swirl around a bit, I just resolved to sleep or watch lots of movies, and that certainly did help. Also, noise-reducing headphones = genius. I highly recommend them; you don’t realise how loud and obnoxious the plane noise is until you take the headphones out.

So I watched:

  • The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – brilliant, brilliant film (Guan, you were right…not that I ever doubted you)
  • Juno – also excellent
  • A little bit of Enchanted but it was crappier than I thought it could be so I stopped watching it
  • Death Defying Acts – actually really enjoyed this. Guy Pearce is really good, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is just mesmerising.
  • Some Carl Baron standup which I’d seen before, but made me snort with laughter
  • Summer Heights High
  • The Simpsons (4 episodes I hadn’t seen!)
  • Family Guy (1 episode I had seen)

So not bad really! The in-flight entertainment has certainly come a long way since the last time I went to Europe. You can choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. The only downside is having to angle the screen when the person in front of you tilts their seat right back.

And seriously, could they give you any less space and get away with it? It’s impossible to move, breathe, eat, anything. Just impossible.

I actually managed to sleep from about 2-5am with my iPod burbling along. Until sadly it ran out of juice about 2 hours away from Frankfurt. That was a wrench. But I listened to:

  • Feist, Ani and Massive Attack to help me sleep
  • a musical conversation I’ve been having with someone, just to see how all the songs fit together (they fit together quite well!)
  • Guan and Joe’s mixtape
  • Travelling Songs for Bec playlist that Guan put together for me
  • My Melancholy Writing Day playlist

I also kept working on the first song I’ve written. Hee.