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Insomnia is a very frustrating thing. The more you fight it, the more it digs its heels in. I try to follow advice such as not using my laptop while sitting in bed, not drinking coffee in the evening, listening to soothing music, getting up and doing something else for half an hour if I can’t sleep and then trying again…but nothing works.

Last night I was exhausted, so went to bed at 9pm. Then I woke at around 11.30pm and was wide awake for the next four hours. For. No. Reason. Guh. Still, I got to finish reading Anansi Boys, booked accommodation in Oxford, sat on the back step and looked at the stars, and ended up finally falling asleep with the cat purring next to me. It seems to help having the cat with her constant contented rumbling curled up in the curve of my back, or with her head on my hand. The only problem is then wake-up time is when she decides it’s wake-up time, which she heralds by biting me on the feet. If the feet are not available, she’ll go for the calf, thigh, bicep…anything really. Not the funnest way to wake up in the morning.

I think the sleeplessness might have something to do with an adjustment in the medication I take, but the medication has a whopping great sticker on it saying ‘may cause drowsiness’. Is there something wrong with me that it’s having the absolute opposite effect?!

Was thinking I should get this Threadless decal to stick above my bed, but somehow I don’t think it’ll help. Now. For more coffee…