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I went and had a massage today. It was so lovely and relaxing, and worth every cent (even though it went on the credit card). I was in my usual state of post-massage vagueness, but trying to concentrate very hard as I walked into the carpark. I stuck to the pedestrian crossing and everything.

As I walked through the carpark, a massive four-wheel drive, being piloted by a massive man, turned into the area I was walking in. I didn’t know where he was going, as behind me were some short concrete bollards. It soon became obvious that instead of driving through the carpark to the exit, he was instead going to take a short cut over the pedestrian crossing, over the concrete bollards and, if I didn’t move, over me. So I quickly got out of the way and gave him a scornful look and may have mouthed the words, “what are you doing?” As he drove past me he yelled nastily, “Shaaaaddddup!”

All benefits of the massage: gone. Seethed about the stupid fat man all the way home and hated our sinful world, where people go out of their ways to do the wrong thing and then yell at you about it. Can still hear his awful voice.

But aside from that, and the fact that I forgot to turn my weekday alarm off so woke up at 7am on a Saturday, it’s been a pleasant enough sort of day. We went to visit the Whittinghams in their new house, and to meet their sweet new daughter, Sarah. We had delicious pad kee mao for lunch at Thai Times 9. We came home to a total blackout and discovered that our electricity cables are rotting and need to be replaced within 21 days (that wasn’t really a pleasant thing, but, you know, it happened). And then the massage. And then the fat man.

But I don’t have anywhere to be tonight so can just chill out and relax. And our power got turned back on (with a temporary fix) so I can blog and watch a DVD. And maybe even do some design stuff.

Or I might sleep.