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There’s a shop on Anzac Parade near where I work that sells useless cute…things. I sometimes go there when I’m feeling cruddy to get my fill of cute cartoon characters and silly things to make me smile.

There’s never anyone else in there when I go in, except for the young, trendy Asian dude who runs the place. He’s always very polite but never makes conversation (which is fine, because neither do I). I wonder if this place gets busier at night or something? How does he make enough money to stay in business? And why is this young, trendy Asian dude running a shop like this? Maybe it’s a good way to meet chicks.

Today, for $1, I bought a Hello Kitty thing with bells on it, the kind of thing that giggling Chinese girls attach to their mobile phones. The Hello Kitty is dressed as a penguin and has a penguin sitting on her head. This goes with my other Helly Kitty, which is dressed as a mouse. Why? No reason. I also bought an almond pearl tea. I must be feeling Asian today.

*is there a Chinese word for tchotchke? Cos I don’t feel like I can really legitimately use this Yiddish word. I might be half Asian, but I’m not at all Yiddish.