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Kevin Rudd says sorry – National –

Such an important, long overdue day. I am still impressed by Kevin Rudd, and think he has handled this situation with so much more compassion, grace and humility than his predecessor was even capable of.

So read the article, and watch the slideshow – it’s very moving.

There’s not much more to say really. Except that Wilson Tuckey is an idiot:

Mr Rudd’s speech was not greeted with unanimous approval, however, with Mr Tuckey telling Sky News shortly before 9am he doubted the speech – which has bipartisan support – would change anything.

“So the Prime Minister reads a speech, apparently some people stand up and sit down and then a miracle happens over night, there’ll be no petrol sniffing … and girls can sleep safely in the family bed at night,” he said.

Talk about missing the point. Why would you even say that? Nobody thinks that this is a magic wand that’s going to suddenly fix everything, but there is such a thing as a healing process. Guh. I think it’s just as well I’m not a journalist. I don’t think I would be able to keep my opinion out of the story.