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I was excited to read this report in the SMH that says the plentiful rain we’ve had lately has been actually helping. “As at 9am yesterday, Sydney had received a whopping 172.4 millimetres since the start of February, compared with 4.4 millimetres for the same period last year…Sydney’s dams are at 64 per cent of capacity, up 3 per cent in just a week.” How amazing!

My garden is certainly happy about it, with the scrubby lawn actually starting to look quite healthy. The soil is rich and damp and smells wonderful when I turn it over with a spade. It’s funny though, watching weather reports on TV, because when it’s dry they complain that there’s no rain and when it’s raining they complain that it isn’t sunny. Perhaps I am fortunate in that although I love a sunny day, I also love a rainy one.

It also makes me think about God’s timing and how we just need to trust that he will sort things out. Although it’s been a time of great hardship with the drought, he does eventually bring the rain. The reasons for it all might seem opaque, especially to those who have suffered the most, but he is in control and it is all part of his plan to bring people back to him.

If only I could apply those lessons better to my own life…