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It’s already almost Chinese New Year. It always sneaks up on me, probably because the date shifts every year. I was talking about food traditions with Karen and was trying to remember the name of the weird noodle-salad-tossing thing we’ve done in KL the last couple of times I’ve been there.

Thanks to Google and a random collection of search terms (chinese new year food toss chopsticks noodles) I found this, which describes it perfectly: Mana Makan – The Feast Crusade

I especially like this:

It’s a horrible carnage and I frankly detest the Lo Hei practice. There will always be some idiot who thinks he is the life of the party and will stand on his chair to pick up (badly) bits of vegetables and raw fish and drop it from that height on top of you. When you move to pummel the miscreant with your chopsticks, he will burst into loud Chinese New Year greetings at the top of his lungs in self defense. Whereupon you will pick up your chair to bash the tosser over the head.

I don’t have any plans for Chinese New Year. Do you?