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I missed the worst of it apparently, but came home from church to hear the next door neighbours in the middle of World War 3.

The highlight was: “You swear…your son didn’t start swearing until you swore at me! You swear at me and your son thinks he can talk to me like that!” pause, then, “I don’t give a shit about the neighbours! We’re happier when you’re not here!”

There were just several loud bangs, like doors slamming. I really hope nobody is hurt. We know from past experience with other neighbours that the cops don’t come for domestic disturbances…so what do you do? It is so awful.

Okay now he’s gone absolutely mental and is screaming his head off. I want to call the cops but mum really doesn’t want me to. I know it’s not my business but it is! It should be, shouldn’t it? Shouldn’t someone intervene?

Who lives like this?!