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This time of year is always a bit funny. It’s Christmastime. We’re busy. We’re busy because it’s Christmastime. But we’re too busy being busy to actually reflect on anything other than what time we have to be at the next engagement. And I’m not even talking about all the shopping-mad people clogging the city. I’m talking about me.

It’s not for want of church activities. You’d think amongst the dinners and gingerbread house making and carols by candlelight and weekly services that I would have time to think about Jesus. Because, after all, I wouldn’t be doing those things if it wasn’t because I was celebrating his birth, right?

And yet, somehow that all slips by the wayside. What songs are we singing? What food are we bringing? What colour paper will I print the handout on? Do we have any sound equipment? Do we have time for a rehearsal? This is important but I just haven’t got the energy to do it right; this’ll have to do…

Nerves fray, tempers flare, bodies shut down.

Yay, it’s Christmas!

I think there is something very wrong with being so overcommitted that I can’t even pray or read the Bible or remember what the sermon was about at church. I am hoping and praying that I will be able to set good boundaries at my new church, that I will be able to get involved after I take some time to settle in, but that I will learn how to say no to things, and that I will use that extra ‘space’ to do the jobs I have to do well, instead of half-baked. Nobody likes half-baked.

I also pray that I will be able to take some time over the next couple of days, now that most of my commitments have been fulfilled, to think, pray, read my Bible, reflect and just get back in sync with a spirit of thankfulness, humility and praise to our glorious God for the gift of his dear Son.