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I feel sick and sad. This always happens after conferences, or shows, but this time seems worse than the others. My entire body is aching – I’m just one big ache – but no matter what I do I can’t get comfortable. I’m almost too tired to go to sleep, if that makes sense.

Last night I fell asleep the wrong way round on my bed – with my head down the foot of the bed. I have no idea how I got into that position, but it was more comfortable than sleeping the right way round for some reason. The only problem was that it meant I kicked the glass of water on my bedside table over at about 3am. Then at about 5.30am I woke to a weird buzzing noise – the mobile that had been handed in to lost property was in my bag and of course it had a vibrating alarm set for 5.30am. Of course! So I facebooked for a while and pottered around before driving mum into the city for work, and then going to work myself.

I had planned for a short day but ended up staying til 5.00. I had lunch with Karen and Ben at the Sinma Laksa House across the road, which was delicious (one of the few places in Sydney I’ve been to that feels just like being in Malaysia). Good to chat to the two of them; I realise that although I am fond of him, I don’t actually know Ben very well. Must remedy that.

The office was quiet as Mark, Howard and Jess are all away (or in and out) on NTE mission. So it was kind of nice to just tidy things up a bit. I got absorbed in putting together a DVD of all the good photos I’d taken at NTE and before I knew it, it was 5.00 and even Guan was going home before me! (this is a rarity)

I’ve been feeling listless and kind of washed out ever since I got home. I know I’m just tired, but I just can’t shake it. And the humidity doesn’t help either. But I am glad to be at home and able to just blob around on the couch with my laptop, and not to have to talk to people, and not to have to run over to the dining hall to avoid the crush, and not to have to deal with daily dramas (although I did learn today that Snowy’s van, containing five peoples’ luggage, got stolen during the last session! UNSW people had to turn around and come back to pick people up and last we heard, Snowy was still in Canberra waiting to deal with the police. Also the people at the Canberra Theatre knocked over a guitar stand and damaged some of the guitars after the last session, so now there’s an impending insurance claim…you’d think by the end of the conference nothing else could go wrong…).

Oh! And another exciting thing that happened today was that the real estate agent said I could have a kitten! Heath and Simone have one they needed to find a home for, so come Sunday I’ll have my very own 6 week-old boy kitten! Here he is being cuddled by Sim: