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To those who worried about me following my sad, sad, ‘dear diary’ post – thanks for worrying, I’m fine. Went to the gym and hung out virtually with the lovely Baddeleys yesterday, both good things for the mood.

Trying to juggle many things at the moment, and work out how to make changes without letting everything fall apart in the meantime. I’m never sure whether it’s better to change one thing at a time, or to make drastic, sweeping changes. I’m the sort of person who takes a long time to make decisions. I can be impulsive about dumb things like making large purchases or whatever, but other things take me longer to work through in my head. Also I get really antsy and impatient to make changes when I’m feeling down – I guess it’s an attempt to try and regain some control over my life, and it’s why I normally end up rearranging the furniture in my bedroom or office.

This time the antsiness has resulted in an actual, real, big change. I have finally acted upon my decision to leave St Martin’s. When I told the minister and his family, they just kind of shrugged; I guess they’ve known I’ve been going to go for a while. I’m not sure where I’ll end up, but at this stage I’m going to give Wild St Church a go for a while and see if I fit there.

Also trying to figure out things about work, writing time, how to balance it all with downtime, how to manage my moods and my health, etc. Have absolutely no answers on any of those fronts. Perhaps two weeks’ holiday will help. Hanging out with friends and pottering around in the garden and things like that. I can’t wait.

The other breaking news is that the cat I was supposed to be getting this week is no longer the cat I will be getting. Apparently, the kitty minder has become attached to the kitty and doesn’t want to give him up. Fine. Whatever. But now the cat bowl in the laundry looks awfully sad.

Think I might have to go to a shelter and adopt one anyway.