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I was going to write a post about all the things that irritated me today. I was feeling very misanthropic when I was out and about this afternoon.

But I came home and dug in the garden for a couple of hours, had a delicious dinner prepared by my lovely mother, and instead I decided to post photos of three things I am thankful for:

My tomato plants, which now have got tomatoes on them! (I know, that seems logical, but I was starting to doubt whether they would be a success. I keep planting things and pouring a lot of energy into the garden, but with very little method or science…and I am constantly impressed and surprised by how awesome it is to see things grow and flower and produce (God is pretty clever).)

My kitten, Scout, who continually makes me smile, even if she is a total dimwit. I suppose dimwittery is a kitten’s prerogative. She is absolutely hilarious, especially when hunting bugs or helping me weed. She’s less hilarious when she’s pulling things off the Christmas tree or climbing up the flyscreen, but then, everything’s an adventure to a kitten and in that spirit I have to commend her.

My mother’s Christmas trifle. There was a minor glimmer of doubt as to whether we needed trifle, given that on Christmas day it’s just going to be me, mum and Nick at lunch, we already have a Christmas pudding, and Nick isn’t traditionally a dessert person. But when she learned that I had invited the Beilharzes and the Uns over for boxing day lunch and upon the merest mention of trifle, Ben had said “I’ll be there!” mum gleefully set about making her annual masterpiece.

I hope wherever you are that you’re having a peaceful and restful Christmas Eve.