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I had a great day today! Woke up feeling a bit blah, but it was soon remedied by putting up the Christmas tree and then having Guan, Mary, Karen and Ben come over. We headed out to yum cha at Maroubra, where Ben M met us, and we proceeded to gorge ourselves on the most delicious yum cha. Salt and pepper squid was yumptious – and you know I’m not a huge fan of seafood.

Though it was so wonderful to get together with friends for such a feast anyway, the occasion was ostensibly to celebrate the end of Sam the Pirate month and…I had to concede defeat. There. I said it. It’s on the internet, so it must be true. Guanisthewinner.

Still – 11,000 words is pretty good considering the month I’ve just had, and it’s 11,000 more words than I would have written without Guan’s insane challenge. And Guan rocked it with 13,000 words. So yay!

Karen bought us each a bendy pirate to celebrate (I didn’t have my camera at yum cha so don’t have a photo of Guan’s) – I knew she was looking at them at the National Gallery but didn’t know she was buying them for us! I got ‘Bones’:

We got some delicious stripey and coconut jelly to take away and came back to my place, where we decorated the tree (and Ben):

(and Ben and Karen reenacted American Gothic, only more sparkly and with fewer pitchforks):
(and Mary and Guan look very serious about the whole endeavour):

played Simpsons Pictionary, which I think was Ben M’s definition of hell:

and listened to good music (except when Ben B found my trashy stuff on my iPod). They all had to go off to Quaker’s Hill by 6.30, but it was so lovely to have everyone around and to laugh and laugh.

I had been planning to buy the Moleskine for Guan (which was the prize for the winner of Sam the Pirate Month) but ran out of time. And then, what do you know, but as they were leaving Guan slipped this into my hand (containing a lovely, lovely note):

That’s right kids. Everyone’s a winner.

It’s been a good day.