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We had a lovely, quiet Christmas day. Mum likes to have a cast of thousands, and I know what she means; there is a certain joyousness to having loads of family and friends round at Christmas. But, quite frankly, Nic and I were glad it was just the three of us as it meant we could just relax, enjoy one another’s company, and there was no stress or fuss.

Mum and I went to church in the morning, then came home to prepare. Mum cooked while I picked my brother up, then we had drinks and present opening and lazing around in my hammock…oh, I’ll just let you look at the pics.

Our beautiful Christmas table, with candles from the Baddeleys.

This is my brother enjoying my Christmas presents – my hammock and my cat. He was very impressed with both – and I discovered after lunch that the hammock is very comfortable to nap in. Though ever so slightly disconcerting when the cat makes flying leaps onto you every so often.

Well you can’t quite see the food, but there was a delectable feast of roast turkey, roast potato, pumpkin and sweet potato, beans and peas and lots of gravy. Even after we’d finished the meal, there was enough left for an entire other meal. Guess what we’re having for lunch today?

Can’t tell we’re at all related, can you?

Nic and mum
My very regal cat, draped in her royal colours, having conquered the Christmas crackers.

Mum has a well-deserved rest with a glass of champers (I think we were watching Babe at this point)

The last evidence of my gingerbread house before the yearly tradition that is…

…Gingerbread House demolition! (It was very tasty)