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Welcome to my mind at 1am when I’m trying to go back to sleep.

  • I wonder why that angelhair pasta from DJs is disagreeing with me. It tasted delicious at the time.
  • I think I should try to work hydroponic tomatoes and the biosphere into my fantasy story. I wonder if the biosphere still exists and if so, I wonder if you can see it in Google Earth. I wonder what would happen if they built one in Australia…everyone would probably think it was stupid.
  • I must remember to buy an e-card from Tear for dad and Janice…I wonder if they appreciate the idea behind it, or if they don’t get it. Did I get dad the goat or the toilet last year? I can’t remember.
  • I can’t wait for holidays. I hope I don’t waste them. Is there such a thing as wasted holiday? If you’re not at work, surely that’s all good?
  • Must set dates with Karen for city days, for Tea Centre and Kinokuniya and AGNSW and other such things. Maybe we should try to do that more regularly even outside the holidays.
  • I hope Guan decides to make that short film soon.
  • I think I need to get up for some Alka-Seltzer.
  • Do I want to go on my brother’s birthday cruise on Sunday or not? Is it selfish to decline because I won’t know anyone and don’t really want to be stuck on a boat with drunk people for four hours? Or should I push myself out of my comfort zone because it will make my brother and his girlfriend happy? A cruise would be fun. I might have fun. I don’t think I want to get drunk.
  • I wish I could go back to sleep.
  • I wonder whether the Baddeleys are in labour yet or not.
  • Ooh – in my fantasy story, Wolf can go from being a jovial boss to being a really nasty, embittered kind of man. How do I tie that in with hydroponic tomatoes?
  • Maybe I should get up. If I blog this train of thought will people just switch off?
  • I should have a card-making day. Maybe I should paint.
  • Oh I can go and buy nail polish tomorrow. And stones for the garden and maybe some more petunias for that bit that I just weeded this afternoon.
  • Why can’t I go to sleep? I think I’ll get up.