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Everything’s just so full on here. Every time there is any tiny little thing that that goes wrong, people deal with it in strange and unique ways. I’m trying not to take on the stress levels of other people and get done what I need to get done, but people just keep freaking out and making it all worse.

But having said that, not much has really gone wrong. It’s just mountains out of molehills, that kind of thing.

Also, I woke up with the world’s most intense headache this morning, bordering on migraine territory. Had to confront the horrid shower again and then when I came back, I pulled back my sheets to make my bed and something black and about 2cm long hurried away and over the side of the bed. I didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t see what it was, but…well, tried not to think about it too hard or it might make me completely lose it.

I avoided the breakfast queue and went to Macca’s instead, sat by myself and had a highly unhealthy breakfast. Didn’t take in much of the talk this morning but was photographing again, though I did enjoy belting out a few songs.

I’m trying to finish gathering my thoughts for this afternoon’s writing time, but haven’t quite managed it yet. People keep finding me and asking me to do things. Also I went back to the room and thought I’d check my bed again, and sure enough the critter had reinstated itself in the middle of my warm bed – turned out to be a large black spider. Lucky I’m not an arachnophobe. But EWWW. I shooed it away and rolled my bed into the middle of the room, figuring that at least if it wasn’t against the wall and the window, the spider might choose somewhere else to nest. I hope.