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  • the rest of the mugs still haven’t turned up
  • the Fijians didn’t get visas granted in time so haven’t turned up
  • all the doors need to be open as people keep coming in and out and registering, and so there is a lot of beeping of different pitches and paces and it’s almost enough to drive one insane
  • the people at the Convention Centre (our main venue) neglected to arrange for the electricity to be turned on, so our techies turned up at 5.30am to bump in and were not able to. The electricity has to be turned on by someone with a special key to the special room, etc, etc. Insanity rules. There was a brief panic when we thought we’d have to cancel the first session but I think it’s going ahead now.

I would say at this point that you should not get too excited about having everything organised before you arrive at the conference because invariably, everything else will go wrong when you actually get there.