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There are moments when I remember I’m actually an adult and have opinions and fully formed thoughts of my own, and it never fails to surprise me, because inside I still feel like I’m about 17 (or 23, depends on the day).

We went to Freda’s for dinner tonight and there was a couple there who go to the church I grew up in (I don’t remember them). We idly chit chatted as we served up the delicious roast dinner, and then suddenly, and without any warning, we got into this really intense conversation about things we’re told to do in the Bible, whether we should take into consideration the culture and customs of the time in which it was written or take all the instruction in it literally (the chap who started the discussion was for the latter), and basically how the whole world is going to hell in a handcart.

I piped up and said that I thought the world had always been as bad as it is now, we just didn’t know about the extent of its depravity before because we didn’t have the questionable luxury of mass communication. When I read the Old Testament I’m almost shocked at the brutality and carnality of the sin that’s depicted there, and yet it’s not that different from things that you read about in the paper every day. Basically it comes down to the fact that people are and have always been sinful, and that only Jesus’ atoning sacrifice can make up for that (that bit wasn’t in dispute). I pointed out that if we were talking about whether or not women should have their heads covered in church (this was the particular bit of instruction the guy was struggling with, I have no idea why): any woman could wear a hat and say she was respecting God and showing the world that she was ‘different’, but if she hadn’t sorted out where she stood with God and wasn’t living a godly life then she would be a hypocrite and her hat wouldn’t save her in the end.

Having a mature exchange of ideas about theology with someone I’ve never met before? Me?! Gosh. I feel all growed up.