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It’s the end of what has been a long and frustrating week. I got heaps of work done, but it was like pulling teeth, with endless revisions and things going wrong. But I feel confident that all my artwork and publications stuff for NTE is done to the best of my ability. Now all that’s left is to finish the last minute things, write my talk about ‘how to write’ for the network time Karen and I are presenting at NTE, and then head down to Canberra on Wednesday to start the conference week. Hopefully I can take lots of excellent photos, get enough sleep, catch up with Jackie and Anthea and also be challenged and encouraged by the great speakers we have this year.

In the more immediate future, I am very much looking forward to this weekend because it doesn’t hold much! My gym session tomorrow morning got cancelled so I can sleep in, and I am very excited because tomorrow we get to vote and I’m getting a new stereo to replace the defunct one in our car so when I drive down to Canberra it won’t be in silence. I should probably be more excited about the potential for a change of government and my small part in it, but actually the CD/MP3 player excites me more. It’s a sad world.

Then, in the evening, the lovely Meg is coming round for DVDage and dinner. I haven’t hung out with her for ages, so that will be great.

And then, hopefully I will get to write. Haven’t written all week and I need to catch up to Guan! Speaking of whom, had dinner with him and his lovely wife M (or is that Q? (we said we wouldn’t name her on our blogs but she liked the Bond sound of M)) tonight. We had delicious dumplings and san choy bow and noodles, played Bohnanza, got to know each other a bit better and laughed a lot. A positive end to a frazzling week!