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Every time I see Claire and Jo they chastise me for not blogging more often. Note to self, must…blog…more.

Today we had afternoon tea at my place, along with much fascinating discussion about what actually happens when babies are born (Jo is due with her first child in a couple of weeks). Kind of gross really. But nice to have that sort of conversation in a real way instead of it being all cooey and isn’t-motherhood-just-a-joy-now-my-life-is-complete kind of way. It’s still kind of freaky to think that someone I went to school with is having a kid, but then I remind myself that I am actually 31 and many people have multiple offspring by this stage.

Apparently, according to my father’s family, I’m not yet married because I’m too choosy. Lah.

Jo went home to succumb to the charms of the couch, and Claire and I went to the Spot for Arthur’s Pizza, a cocktail at the new Ritz Bar (felt kind of…rural), and then to watch Death at a Funeral, which was excessively diverting.

I haven’t written much in the last week but hope to get some done tomorrow – oh, I forgot to blog about this. Guan and I challenged each other to a write-off during November. Whoever writes the most gets a Moleskine purchased by the ‘loser’, although I maintain there are no losers in this exercise…(when I told Dave about this he asked what a Moleskine was. “A type of notebook,” I replied. He looked at me. “A notebook?” “A really cool kind of notebook.” “But it’s…a notebook?” “Yes.” “Hmm.” “You’re not a writer! You wouldn’t understand!!!!”)

The inspiration for this month was NaNoWriMo, in which people all over the world attempt to write a novel of at least 50,000 words’ length in the space of a month. We were realistic and knew neither of us had the time or energy to do that, but we could make up our own version. We called it Spend A Month Really Really Really Really Really Trying Really Hard To Write Given That We Have Some Other Obligations And Things To Do Occasionally Month. But that’s a mouthful, as is the acronym (SAMRRRRRTRHTWGTWHSOOATTDO), so we dubbed it Sam the Pirate Month (I made a Facebook group for it and everything where we post our progress (or lack of) and get cheered on by other group members who were sane enough not to embark on the exercise).

The thing that’s amazing is that although I haven’t written much this week, I have actually written 10,000 words since the beginning of November! I decided to write something completely frivolous and new, and it’s actually been wonderful to remember what it is like to write for fun. I know I can write whatever I want whenever I want, but when there’s a big project like The Novel hanging over my head, I feel some sort of weird obligation to it, like I can’t waste valuable time writing anything but The Novel. But the way Sam the Pirate Month works, it’s kind of filling up my creativity reservoir by getting me past the whingey avoidance block that has been tripping me up as far as The Novel is concerned. Hopefully the momentum will continue and will be able to be channelled into other areas.

Who knew all I needed was a challenge?

I’ve been winning so far. I’m trying not to be complacent though, as I have a feeling Guan may yet pull some rabbits out of his hat. Also he might write more words than me.