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Well there we go. Saturday was exactly as I’d planned it yesterday – I got a new stereo for the car and it is SO cool. I went to vote. Meg came over for dinner and we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

The one thing that I didn’t anticipate was feeling quite emotional about the election results. I have a very poor grasp of politics beyond the rudimentary, and I’m sad to say I probably know a bit more about how the American system works because of the West Wing than I know about Australian politics (though I know a bit about local government through the excellent series Grass Roots that used to be on the ABC (what an indictment on me and my generation)). I’m just lazy I guess, but also I get frustrated by mudslinging and propaganda so I just switch off entirely during election campaigns.

But even I can see how amazing tonight’s result is and the huge Labor margin has won by.

I am excited that we have a change of government. I think Kevin Rudd is a gracious and worthy man for the job, and I am glad he professes to be a Christian. I am happy that we have a man as Prime Minister who I won’t be ashamed of as Australia’s representative on the world stage (at least I hope I won’t be). I’m glad we have a woman as Deputy Prime Minister (hey, it’s a step forward).

And I’m under no illusions – I know that in Australia, although the parties would say they are vastly different, it’s not as vast a gulf as in other parts of the world. It’s not like we lose our liberty through a change in government. It’s not as though we’ve had a new government forced upon us. It’s not as though the vote is dependent on how much money you can throw at a candidate, or how many people can be bothered turning up to vote. We are so fortunate to live in a place that has so much freedom, where we all have the chance to cast our vote, and where no matter what the result (and despite its many flaws) we will still live in an amazing country.

Almost enough to make me sound vaguely patriotic. Huh.