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I get sent emails at work from the company where we have registered our website’s domain name. Presumably all the other people on the mailing list are, likewise, people who have registered a domain name with the company.

Blogging ups your web ranking – Success Box
This is a fairly standard article about blogs. In fact, it’s pretty basic. So I couldn’t quite believe the comments that people left at the bottom of the article, berating the writer for using too much techno jargon. Yes there are one or two references (at the end of the article) to coding, which might be taken as obscure, but the bulk of the article is really very straightforward.

Here are a couple of the comments:

I don’t know what blogging is? I am 43. I think that there is a perception that every one understands what a lot of the internet jargon is, and this can isolate the older customer.

I agree with Karen? It’s ok to send me an email and say how great blogging is? Start one up etc etc
But what is it? How can you sell it to me?

I am reasonably up with nerdtalk but you write these this in a way that very few of us come close to knowing what you are talking about, we have to read them 3 or 4 times to try to understand what is going on, net result ‘delete’

I have read the previous comments, and agree that you may need to rephrase your hip internet-style prose into plain english that business people can understand.

I’m sorry, but ‘blog’ = ‘hip internet-style prose’? Have you people been living on Mars? How can you have registered a domain name and yet not know what a blog is?!

And how is age a valid excuse? I know many people who are much older than 43 who know what a blog is. This is like when I went to a database training day about seven years ago, and there was a woman who would have been in her early 40s who didn’t even know what a mouse was and was kind of defensive about it.

I know everyone has to start somewhere, but honestly, get with the program! If you’re going to be working with and using the computers and the internet as a resource, do a little bit of research, look up words/terms you don’t understand… at least have a go at finding out what people are talking about before you jump in and blame everyone else for your lack of understanding.

(I still have a cold, which might account for my bad mood)