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Actually they didn’t try to make me go anywhere. But mum’s in rehab! She was taken by ambulance to St Luke’s in Potts Point. It was a bit of a traumatic day, I gather. The ambos came early and had her waiting in this ambulance for ages while they picked up another three people and dropped them off at other hospitals/facilities. She said she was clammy and nauseous and it was a miracle she didn’t throw up all over someone.

Her room at St Luke’s is more like a monk’s cell, and a lot less comfortable than at the private hospital, but the staff at St Luke’s are about a million times more attentive and actually seem to have a vocation for caring for their patients. At the private hospital (even though that was better than the public) there was no continuity of staff and because they were understaffed there was not much care taken. For example, when mum had her shower yesterday, the nurse said to press the buzzer when we were done so she could help get mum back into bed. We pressed the buzzer and nobody came. After about ten minutes and more buzzer pressing, I roamed down the corridor to find the physio, who helped us. About ten minutes after that, a nurse wandered in and said “did you press the buzzer?” If I hadn’t been there, mum would have been sitting there in the wet bathroom for at least 20 minutes before anyone would have answered the call.

She starts her gym and pool sessions this weekend. She’s all trembly and nervous today, but I think she’s doing so well.

For my part, I am so glad it’s the weekend! I need a long sleep.