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My cold is finally ebbing away. The weather has been cool and sunny – beautiful! I’ve been digging in my garden. We’ve been celebrating mum’s birthday by going out and eating lots of wonderful food. Life is good.

We went to China Doll, where Nic works, for mum’s birthday dinner on Friday. The meal was wonderful, and the company (Nic’s girlfriend Linda) great. It was lovely being down at Woolloomooloo and seeing the city from a different angle, though it did get a bit cold (they give all the customers blankets if necessary!). Nic did what he does best: he ‘took care’ of us, and just ordered what he thought would make a great meal. And it did! We had rabbit dumplings (divine), the most delectable Peking duck I’ve ever had, blue eyed cod and Moreton Bay bugs. I loved it all and I’m not even a seafood fan. The dessert was delicious too – a plate with tastes of all sorts of different things on it: sorbets, sago, sticky black rice, and the most divine caramelised pear with Tiger Beer ice cream (which was incredible).

So, as you can tell, the meal was good.

Then on Saturday mum and I went to The Observatory (our favourite posh hotel) for high tea. I got an idea for another book while sitting there, looking at all the women eating these sweet delicacies – lots of civilised hen’s gatherings I think (not a bunch of well-mannered chickens – I mean women celebrating an impending wedding…though given the chatter, you can understand where the ‘hen’ label comes from), and a particularly vociferous Chinese mother-daughter couple sitting next to us who gave me a very pointed up-and-down look (finishing at my chest) when we got up to leave.

“It’s so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” Never truer a word said, Ferris.