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I haven’t really known what to write lately. Been staring out of windows a lot (my current view is pictured above – look beyond the bars…it’s quite a nice tree to look at). Moving house and fitting it in with everyday life is just so exhausting. But the good news is I have finally gotten to the end of the really busy time; looking at my diary and seeing blank space is just bliss!

Apparently, mum tells me, we are the subject of intense neighbourhood speculation. The house we are living in was formerly inhabited by members of the Sydney Swans. Needless to say, mum and I are a lot less…boisterous than a bunch of footy players. So one of the neighbours bowled up to mum at the bus stop yesterday and told her that ‘everyone’ was really pleased that we had moved in and it wasn’t more noisy boys.

Now every time I leave the house I wonder whether someone is watching me…