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It’s funny, so much has been happening, yet it hasn’t really been noteworthy enough to write about. Actually that’s not true; I’ve actually been mostly incoherent up until today. So this is when bullet points come in handy.

  • We moved house this week with relative ease – no death or structural damage, as the Bs would say.
  • We’ve been juggling unpacking with going to work and trying to remember to buy groceries (we have been unsuccessful on this last front).
  • We have welcomed visitors in to check the place out and/or help with the unpacking, namely my dad, Cheryl, Lee from church, Freda, and the Barry family.
  • My dad bought us a barbecue as a housewarming present, which we can’t wait to test out.
  • It brings me great delight to open my bedroom door to see a wall of books lining the hallway.
  • Ditto having a study and not having all my crap in my bedroom
  • Yet oddly I quite like having my piano in my bedroom
  • I LOVE having storage space
  • I am already starting to plan what I’m going to do with the garden (veggie patch!!!! woo!)
  • I bade farewell to the Baddeleys who moved to Oxford for four years on Wednesday. This made me quite sad.
  • But we bought their Magna, which is a great pleasure to drive and a constant reminder of their loveliness.
  • We discovered our phone can’t be connected without great difficulty because when Optus connected the last tenants’ phone, they totally severed the Telstra line. Not only does this seem to be an extremely sneaky and piratical way of getting people to stay with Optus, but it seems to have happened to every second person I talk to. It’s not right!!!

And now it’s Friday. Although I have a weekend of cleaning the old flat ahead of me, tonight I am going to see The Bourne Ultimatum with Margie from church – and I can’t wait!