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It’s been a weird sort of day, partly the product of the late night I had last night. After years of working our way through from seasons 1-7, the Baddeleys and I finally finished Buffy forever (obviously we don’t have time to get into Angel before they go to Oxford so there’s nothing for it, I’m just going to have to go over there to watch it). After they left, I stayed up playing X Box with Dave and Glenn and crashed around 2.30am, leaving them in the living room reminiscing about their misspent youth.

I was woken up at 7.45 by a desperate Meg, who has a terrible cold, was moving today, had heaps of uni assignments due and had just realised her car was out of rego so couldn’t drive to work. I was glad I could help her out by driving her to work; though it was hard to get up. It feels really weird that she’s not living downstairs anymore.

I came back home and went back to sleep for a couple of hours, then mum and I went to look at a house in Maroubra. We hadn’t been thinking about that area much at all, but this house sounded like it had all the things we needed, so we thought we may as well give it a go…and I think it’s the one. I really hope we get it! It’s close to work, close to transport, has plenty of space – though the agent said we can’t have a cat. Oh well.

I drove mum in to the city to meet her friends, and I mooched around for a few hours, as I was supposed to be meeting Bek for a celebratory-PhD-handing-in high tea at the Sheraton. I tried not to eat anything much as I knew I’d be filling up later that afternoon, so I wandered around, wrote and had a coffee in the Strand, bought The Complete Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby (which I’m already enjoying immensely – every page seems to have a quote about reading or writing that I want to stick on my wall) and bought some make up from Benefit in Myer. As I still had time to kill, the girl did my full makeup and it’s so weird, because I rarely wear that much makeup but it’s kind of fun to have someone do you up like that – but the make up artists’ version of ‘natural’ is quite different from mine, which basically involves lip balm and not much else. I don’t like the feeling that I can’t rub my face, and I forget and usually end up with really smudged eyes. But after a few hours it kind of settled down and I just look like a photo-ready version of myself (proof below of me looking pretentious while I lay on my bed this afternoon and fiddled with photobooth). 🙂

It’s weird how having a painted mask on can make you feel so different – even if it’s only a thick layer of foundation. Just walking around the city after that I felt much more visible, noticeable. I’m not sure I like that feeling. But knowing that the makeup had been put on properly (instead of my usual ham fisted attempts) led to a certain level of confidence I must say. I think there is a girly-girl inside me, but she doesn’t come out that often.

Then Bek rang and said something was up with the trains and she couldn’t come in after all! We’re still going to do high tea tomorrow, and deep down I was relieved as I had tired myself out by wandering around town for three hours. Came home, read some Nick Hornby on the couch, and still have my makeup on.