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There are many misuses of the English language that drive me absolutely crazy. Today, whilst reading a newsletter that is normally really well-written, I tripped over this:

each time I step foot onto the platform

I had to go and find some site that would reassure me that I was right and hadn’t gone completely insane. Because more and more people are talking about ‘stepping foot‘ into or onto something and it makes me want to scream. You can see where the misuser has gone wrong; they’ve obviously thought “well it sounded like they said set…or was it step? You step with your foot…it must be step foot.” No it’s not!

When you want to say that you refuse to enter some location, the traditional expression is not “step foot,” but “set foot”: “I refuse to set foot in my brother-in-law’s house while he lets his vicious pit bull run around inside.”

STOP BEING SO IGNORANT, PEOPLE! LEARN HOW TO USE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!!!! Sure, it doesn’t always make sense, but that’s part of its charm!

That is all.

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