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  • Almost had a car accident this morning as I was pulling out of my parking space. Checked that there was no one coming and as I pulled out, there was suddenly this black Lexus right behind me, beeping me and glaring at me as he overtook me. Either he had his cloaking device activated, or very effective camouflage because I seriously didn’t see him. And who drives a black car without their headlights on in thunderstorm weather like this? Huh? Grr.
  • It’s absolutely pouring here, and hailing intermittently. I love it.
  • Mum is organising a group from our church to go to Women’s Convention in September and the original house she was going to book has fallen through, but she found somewhere that looks much nicer. I said we ought to make it a spoily women’s weekend away so that we have the wonderful talks from the convention but also get to eat lots of chocolate and lovely food and have spas and all that. So I might start thinking of yummy things to cook…I’m quite looking forward to it! The only thing I think is ironic is that we’ll be staying in somewhere called ‘Bodhi Grove’ whilst going to a Christian convention. But as ‘bodhi’ simply means enlightenment I reckon we can commandeer it and have an enlightening weekend in a non-Buddhist way 🙂
  • Jess was very sweet and bought me a croissant this morning because I had been too disorganised to eat breakfast before I left the house. Also I haven’t done groceries for about three weeks now so there’s not much in the way of readily edible food (requiring little preparation, I mean).
  • I need more coffee.