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I am completely flu-tastic. I put off my gym training session this week to this afternoon because I was sick but I’m still not great and now I have the cough to prove it, so I’m thinking I’ll just have to suck it up and pay the forfeit fee. It’s better than struggling through an hour of workout only to completely conk out afterwards.

But I got to see Jackie and Jake two nights in a row! We went out for dinner to Bill and Toni’s on Thursday, and then they both came round for Thai and DVDs last night. Even though I coughed my way through most of both evenings, it was so good to see them both. It would be nice if we were all in the same country more often. Jake goes back to the UK today and Jackie goes back to Canberra. Canberra’s closer than Coventry, but still…

That’s the thing about wonderful friends being overseas (soon to be Mark and Jen too…sob!) – you can keep in touch and chat online and keep a semblance of the idea that you’re all not really that far apart. But nothing beats just being able to get together on a whim. And you can’t have nice big warm hugs when the other person is in the opposite hemisphere.

I know there’s not much chance of me travelling in the near future, money situation being what it is, but oh how good it would be to be able to go and visit some of these people myself!