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So, yeah, I have gotten the flu. Or something quite like it. I suppose it’s not that much of a surprise, given that I’ve been around people for the last few weeks who had gotten sick, and spent last weekend at Collaroy sleeping in a room that was so cold I needed to wear my beanie and fingerless gloves to bed.

I’m feeling marginally better than this morning, so thought I’d post what I’ve been up to.

went to MAC Con at Collaroy
It was a good weekend, although I wonder if maybe I’ve been going to Equip too long, as MAC Con seemed a lot less slick. Still, that didn’t affect the content at all – Narelle’s great talks showed that ‘The Truth about Jesus’, is that he divides the world, is death defeated, reveals judgement, and is love. We were reminded of Jesus’ power and authority, as well as his humanity and his great love for us.

I also went to Jen’s seminar (twice!) on ‘A Dangerous Transformation’, which emphasised that Jesus knows exactly who we are on the inside, but also who we can become, and that the change that we undergo through trials and suffering isn’t just arbitrary, but is to transform us into being more like Jesus. We looked at the life of Peter by reading a bunch of verses from the gospels and Acts and seeing how his life was transformed, bit by bit. He didn’t suddenly become this incredible evangelist; it was a long, painful process. Jesus identified exactly who he was at the beginning, but it took Peter a long time of incremental change to accept the truth and become the man Jesus knew he could be, through the Holy Spirit.

We did Fireside Readings again on Saturday night, which was well-attended. Jen co-ordinates this and even though she felt she hadn’t put as much thought into it as previous years, a lot of people seemed encouraged. I read a DA Carson sonnet, an excerpt from Mary Andrews’ biography, and joined with the other readers in a dramatic reading of John 9 (I was da man!).

I finished knitting my first scarf!
This was with the wool I bought in Katoomba. It’s very warm and snuggly, and I am proud of myself that I actually finished knitting something!

I’ve been working
Although I’m sick today, I feel quite happy that I’ve been able to work longer hours. I can’t remember if I wrote about it here, but I got into a bit of a sticky situation with work; they (kindly) kept paying me while I was away sick all that time, but now I have this massive deficit of hours to make up (over 100). So I calculated how long it would take me to work it back and I think by September I should be right again. I was going to work on Saturdays too to speed up the process, but that was not a very wise idea – I did it twice, then realised I really do need the weekend to rest or I’ll just get sick again. Also part of the problem is I have no holidays left so if I want to have holidays at the end of the year I’ll need to do more overtime after September to accrue time off. If you’re the praying type, pray that I’d have the stamina to get through this!

I haven’t been writing
This is another downside. It hasn’t even occurred to me to spend time writing since I’ve gotten back from Varuna, as I’ve just been focused on work. And it’s not like I’m even working that much more, but even an hour or two extra means I’m too tired to do anything else when I get home. I need to work out some sort of strategy for allocating writing time that I stick to. Maybe Saturday mornings should be writing time.

I joined Facebook
What is it about these online communities that is so addictive? Now I have a myspace and a Facebook…what next?

That’s enough for now. Think I need to sleep again.