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First fridge magnets, now Clover’s Go Bag – General – News –

Okay yes preparation is important – ‘be prepared’ isn’t the Scouts’ motto for nothing. But this just strikes me as completely ridiculous. A ‘go bag’? To go where, exactly? Say there’s a terrorist attack – well, don’t panic, you have your nifty backpack with sunblock in it, you’ll be fine. Now if it had a teleporter in it and could transport you to somewhere safe a hundred kilometres away, then sure.

The Lord Mayor Clover Moore says:

“However, I would say that, really, we have got a duty of care in terms of helping people to prepare. I have to say living through the [1999] hailstorm, I realised at that time how unready we were for a catastrophe of that sort.”

How is a ‘go bag’ going to help you in a hailstorm, especially when residents are also advised to “flee to one of three CBD safety sites at Darling Harbour, Hyde Park or the Domain if disaster strikes”?! I guess you could put it over your head and run.

Guh. Propaganda is just so tiresome.