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I think I’ve been overdoing it. Not in any decadent sense, mind you, just in the normal, day-to-day stuff. I’ve been working slightly longer hours, and working on Saturdays (long story…basically I have a lot of hours at work to make up due to my time off sick and so working an extra hour every day and Saturday mornings seems to be the only viable option at this point, short of chaining me to the desk for the next two months). Been going to the gym for short, half hour sessions two times a week. Been eating reasonably well, although had a couple of pizza lapses, but didn’t think they were anything to be worried about.

So I got sick again.

Went down to staff conference at Stanwell Tops on Tuesday, expecting to stay til Thursday. Had to help Stuart launch our new website and explain it all to the staff, and we got through that okay but I rapidly went downhill as soon as it was finished. Was finding myself completely overwhelmed by all the people and the fact that there is absolutely nowhere you can go short of leaving the campsite where you can be on your own (and not freeze to death outside). Found myself getting stressed and exhausted by small things. Tried to see if a nap in the afternoon would help, but found the bed uncomfortable, had difficulty negotiating the top bunk (which has never bothered me before) and was further nauseated by the room smelling a lot like toilet cleaner.

So instead of staying til Thursday, I drove home on Tuesday night with a shocking headache and feeling quite nauseous. I think I realised something was definitely wrong when I spontaneously burst into tears on the way home, then as I drove past St George Hospital thought ‘it would be so nice to be back in hospital right now’. That’s not a normal thought.

I was planning to do Salt editing stuff today at home, but ended up sleeping for pretty much the whole day. I’m glad I came home. I think that’s the problem with recovering from being unwell – you’re so excited about feeling better that you just launch back into life without thinking about the fact that you need time, you need patience, your body needs rest.

I go back to Varuna next week! I can’t think of a better restorative than that. And it was something like two degrees today…I think I’ll be spending a lot of time, rugged up, in front of the open fire, consuming words, and the rest of the time rugged up, absorbing the central heating, producing words. Yay!