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It snowed last night! I woke up at some strange hour and was compelled to go and look out the window, and lo and behold, everything was covered in a thin mantle of white. The sun has come out today, so it has completely melted away, but it felt like an exciting little secret that I discovered.

I’m reluctant to go out of my room if I can hear anyone out there, which is so anti social of me. But that’s alright too…I’m sure they all feel the same way and I guess during the day we’re not supposed to distract one another anyway. In the meantime I can sit in my study watching the gardener (who I think is the grandson of the Darks, who built this house) tidying up the property after the inclement weather of the last few days, and I can enjoy the sight of blue skies and the sounds of joyous birds. I can eat the dried fruit and nuts that I bought from the co-op yesterday, which is fortunate because it’s really all I feel like eating. And of course, I can keep adding bits and pieces to the new scenes I have written, which keep delighting me with what they reveal about my characters.

If it snows again I’ll try to get a pic, but in the meantime I think I’m going to walk up to Katoomba and take advantage of the sun while it’s out. I’m going to get a haircut at 11.30 and then will have lunch and write in the café I think. It’s a good working holiday, really.