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Looking south towards Coogee – 8 June 07.
Photo: Dallas Kilponen,

The weather is absolutely insane at the moment. For the second night in a row I’m wide-awake at 2.30, listening to the howling wind and lashing rain. It is quite amazing in a way, but gets exhausting after a while (even though I do love weather like this). I was impressed that the Baddeleys braved the weather and the roads to come over tonight for dinner (which they kindly brought, as usual); it was so good to see them, even if by the end of the evening we were all kind of sitting in a tired daze, staring into the middle distance and groaning at Mark’s ever-worsening puns.

I haven’t been near the water, but thought the above picture was pretty evocative and can’t believe there are people stupid enough to go surfing in weather like this (there was another photo of a surfer being thrown through the air at Bondi). Also, how incredibly hard it must be for people who live on the streets on nights like this – so much worse than usual. Where would you even go to get out of the wind? It’s inescapable. I am so grateful for the shelter and warmth of my home, even if I am a little worried that flying debris is going to smash through one of my windows.

I need to sleep.