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Here’s a photo of me looking cranky and windswept at Scarborough. I wasn’t really cranky; perhaps just a little reflective. Also it’s hard to know how to look when you’re taking a photo of yourself with a mobile phone whilst standing on a rain-soaked clifftop in the wind. It was atmospheric, I will say that much.

I went back to staff conference today and in free time I always like to drive down to Coledale and have a coffee. I love driving along the Sea Cliff Bridge and the whole sea/mountain aspect of the area, and the woman in the cafe was great – even though I was 5c short she still brought me my large mocha and lindt dark chocolate chip cookie (both were yummy).

Conference was good, if a little heavy going. A seminar on NTE in the morning and then in the afternoon/evening, more talks on intelligent design, and the second part of a talk on gender, which included discussion of Kevin Giles and his writing. Most of it went over my head and/or I was too tired to take it in, so I spent the time editing Salt articles and trying to piece together an interesting editorial. I have a feeling when I read it tomorrow it will be mostly incoherent.

After a drive back through the rain with Jess and Cheryl I’m now in my pjs, listening to Amy Winehouse and the rain on the windows – the combination of which has a weird, world-weary quality to it, and it feels like I might just walk out of my room into a smoke-filled 50s burlesque show. I’m tired but wide awake. I might have a hot chocolate.