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As many of you know, REMO is one of my favourite shops. It used to exist in physical form on the corner of Oxford and Crown streets in Darlinghurst, and would be the best place to go and hang out after school or on the weekends. They had a cute little cafe (I think it was probably there I first started drinking coffee), so many interesting and useful knick-knacks, and the best black and white photo booth – it wasn’t just me and my friends who made a regular habit of seeing how many of us could cram in there, I think it was a rite for many Sydneysiders (above is an example – Kate, Sido and me, probably about 15 years ago!!! (AAAARG that’s a long time!)).

Sadly the actual shop closed down many years ago, but a while back it returned in online form and is just as addictive. I have to restrain myself from buying things for myself every time I browse their site.

Their marketing is also quite interesting. Occasionally they run print ads, but generally they rely on word-of-mouth (also known as viral marketing – you think something is cool, you tell your friends, they think it’s cool, they tell their friends, etc). Their latest ploy is very smart – existing customers are given a special link and each friend who signs up because of you (using that link) gets a free t-shirt. I couldn’t work out how to let my friends know about this without being obnoxious and emailing people, turning myself into a low grade spammer. But someone came up with the bright idea of posting their sponsor link on their blog (or something) and I thought ‘hey! I could do that too! and then people wouldn’t think I was obnoxious but they’d still get a free t-shirt!’

Seriously, this is such a good offer. REMO original t-shirts are the best – funky designs, super comfortable, generally all-round fab. You may have seen me in my ‘eternity’ one, or my coffee cup one. Details of the offer are below – click the link, get a shirt, we’ll look cool together.

Follow this link to the REMO General Store. They are trialing an exciting incentive programme for newly registering CustOMERs. The first T Shirt that you add to your shopping cart prior to 16 August 2007 will be FREE!

And no! I’m not employed by REMO – I just think they are great, and I’m a sucker for clever marketing. Oh, and a good product.