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Neither of these things are new observations, but I feel inclined to rant on them anyway. I went to the Prince of Wales Hospital this morning to submit my paperwork for the operation. Two things really ticked me off:

  1. Parking – they charge you $2.70 per half hour at the hospital, which is almost as bad as the airport (well not quite – the international airport is a whopping $7.00 per half hour). I hate car park operators who blatantly make a fortune at the expense of a captive audience – there is really nowhere else to park near either the hospital or the airport. So taking advantage of sick people and travellers. Bastards!
  2. As I was driving back to work down Barker St, the person in front of me was unwrapping something and throwing each bit of packaging out their window to stream behind them down the street. Why would anyone do this? Do people really have such little regard for the world around them? Bastards!

That’s enough about the bastardry of the world for the moment. I think I’m just cranky because I’m still thinking about the food I’m not allowed to eat.